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Alien Produkt – Honour Vs. Falsehood - The First Step
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Alien Produkt – Honour Vs. Falsehood. The First Step
(CD Advoxya Records)

After two albums released on the American label BLC Productions this Argentine project now joined the growing Advoxya Records to launch their 3rd opus to date. “Honour Vs. Falsehood – The First Step” is a nice surprise coming from a band that seriously improved the main aspects of their work although... it here is mainly a remix album! The previous releases already showed a potential, but several remixes here really elevate the band. While some of the songs/remixes are rather simple in writing, they are damn efficient. But let’s start with the single new songs from the album. The title-track is an honest piece of dark electronics joining harsh male vocals and clear (and sweeter) female ones. I expected a huge amount of remixes from this song, but we only get the “Unidad Central Trance Version”, which didn’t really impress me that much. I was totally convinced by the refreshing sounds and great effect on the vocals of “Oscilicacion Parasita” remixed by Sintetik and another remix of this song in a darker vein by Kode In Mind. Drained Scorn created a very noticeable remix of “Involution”. This track is a hard bouncing piece. That leads me to the dark-terror assault of “Into The Abyss” remixed by Aseptie. One more noticeable piece comes from G-Pro, which made another remix of “Oscilicacion Parasita”. I expected a bit more out of remixes from Obszon Geschopf, Mechanical Moth, Retractor and Y Luko, but globally speaking this is a nice return for Alien Produkt!


Band: www.alienprodukt.com.ar / www.myspace.com/alienprodukt

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