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Deadjump – Animus Necandi
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Deadjump – Animus Necandi (CD Advoxya Records)

Once in the early 90s Brazil seemed to be a prolific ground for dark electro bands and other EBM projects. Progressively the Mexican scene took over the scepter launching some famous names. With their new full length Deadjump has probably produced their most achieved piece of music to date and in the meantime putting Brazil back on the map of dark electronics. It took a few years to Alex Ramos to finish “Animus Necandi”, but patience and hard labor are often musician’s best friends. Somewhere in between EBM and pure, terror dark electronics “Animus Necandi” offers a wide range of exciting tracks featuring bouncing rhythms, devilish atmospheres and enraged distorted vocals. The shadow of Hocico is sometimes hanging over a few songs like “The Came Of The Dead” and “Raped Soul”, but no one will complain. I can’t really pick one absolute masterpiece and that’s maybe the single problem I have with this release. Most of the songs are really well crafted, but I’m missing THE absolute hit. “Erotic Industrial Music” sounds like affair attempt to fill this hiatus. It’s bouncing and like the title might indicate quite sexy (for its vocal parts), but not the song that will be played on all dancefloor at any time. I’m probably too demanding here and I realize there’s no real need for Deadjump to become more famous than Hocico for example. “Animus Necandi” even sounds better than the last Hocico-album so let’s simply enjoy it. “Alma Mater”, “Mother Ready To Die”, “Hate – featuring Impact Pulse” and the Acylum remix of the title song are a few more extracts that have to increase the popularity of Deadjump. Deadjump sounds like a band in constant evolution so slowly they’re getting more and more recognition! It all sounds like this  band still has the potential to grow and that’s rather positive for the future!


Band: www.deadjump.net / www.myspace.com/deadjump

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