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TWZ – Serpent Column Portal
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TWZ – Serpent Column Portal  (CD Advoxya Records)

After the remarkable “Evolution”-album released in 2008 the Swedish TWZ has launched a 6th album. From start on this band has tried to mix dark electronics with a few more influences  and the ambient genre is definitely one of them. I can’t really affirm that “Serpent Column Portal” sounds like an offspring between both genres, but there’s an atmospheric mist hanging over most of the songs. It brings an extremely dark and I dare to say a black mood to this release. This is a kind of nebulous EBM although the electronic style is less heavy than on “Evolution”. This way I might affirm that the ambient input has been more to the forefront of this album. “Serpent Column Portal” sounds like taking some distance with the dancefloors while explores rhythmic electro-ambient fields. The title song somewhere in the midst of the tracklist is a remarkable exposure of this mix. TWZ has been more focalized on orchestral arrangements, repetitive sequences, distorted ghost vocals or yet poignant atmospheres instead of danceable cuts. Tracks like “The 5th Night, The 6th Day” and “Koyaanisqatsi” are both cool ambassadors of this dark electronic exploration. This album brings some diversity to the mainly dark electro-like roaster of Advoxya Records. I just regret the poor artwork of this album with less contrast in the colors.


Band: www.twz.oblivioncreations.se/nind.twz / www.myspace.com/twz752

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