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Drained Scorn – Release The Hate
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Drained Scorn – Release The Hate (CD Advoxya Records)

Hailing from Argentina this solo-project is a hard piece of dark electronics. The debut album released by Advoxya Records confirms the growing potential of the label and their nose to find promising acts. Drained Scorn isn’t exactly setting the ‘endzeit’ world alight, but reveals a huge potential. A few terms like power, speed and rage could perfectly summarize this album. It’s often the intention of ‘young’ bands to sound the hardest and fastest as possible, but Drained Scorn also reveals a decent production. The sound bank that was used for this album is more than honest and several songs reveal to have a strong potential. One of the most atypical songs from the album entitled “Judas Is Pregnant” is clearly inspired by trance music. It seems like Lagash (the artist behind the project) has been previously involved into trance and this song is a kind of reminiscence from his former life. I regret it’s the only song in the genre because there was even a stronger potential here. But the tracklist has definitely much more to offer and the dark electro freaks will get wild by pieces like “Bone Breaker”, “Wrong Sunrise”, “Last Breath Of Humanity” and “Stick It To Your Brain”. The titles don’t really sound that happy illustrating the dark thoughts and nihilistic vision of this project. The aggression and provocation of the titles totally fit to the content of the album. “Release The Hate” comes to an end with a cool and recommended remix of “If You Trust You Lose” by Truppenterror. I never heard from this project before, but the remix sounds quite Feindflug-like with vocals on top. Drained Scorn is a name to keep in mind!


Band: www.myspace.com/drainedscornar

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