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Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome vol 3
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V/A Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome Vol. 3 (DCD Advoxya Records)

Style: EBM to futurepop

Bands: Massiv In Mensch, Snog, Controlled Collapse, CycloneB, Larva, ao.

Comments: Though a few familiar names grace its 33 tracks, PABS 3 could best be described as a label sampler for this bustling young Hungarian label. To Advoxya’s credit, there’s quite a bit of diversity on this double disc set. For starters, take Hired.Life’s breathy “Contract”; with its crystalline textures and pensive percussive putters, it feels like a newfound relative of Index AI or Acretongue. On the other hand, Schyzzo.com’s bold skittering percussion, buzzing arpeggios and erratic snarls in “Rouge” is quite comparable to the raucous techno-rock of Prodigy. A few acts even dabble with the ‘retro’ end of EBM; The Pain Machinery’s attempt at a gruff DAF style of body music is commendable, while Impact Pulse’s “Ez A Világ” sample-heavy, vibrating basslines, hoarse fuzzy vocals and rigid percussions may prove itself a treat for fans of old Front Line Assembly. Still, “Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome” does cater to more modern niches as well. With its minimal muttering vocals and throbbing wall of bass, The-Pulsar’s “My Dream” offers an engaging blend of trance-influenced noise with a touch of pop, while the crunchy electronic edges on The Crystalline Effect’s catchy “How I Get Out” lends its futurepop diva a bit of provocative roughness. Though there’s certainly some duds amongst these diamonds, Advoxya certainly prove themselves to be a reliable source for unearthing new talent.


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