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Drained Scorn - Release the Hate
review from portal Brutal Resonance - in english

Artist: Drained Scorn  Album:  Release the Hate
Release year: 2009  Genre:  EBM  Label: Advoxya Records

‘Release the Hate’ is the first official release by Argentinean aggrotech/harsh ebm band Drained Scorn.

This could really be one of the best bands from Latin America in this genre for sure. The production sounds very nice and clear and the vocals are perfectly placed according to the music. You got a mix of aggressive tracks and a few slower once with great melody lines which reminds me a bit of Mexican bands like Amduscia and C-lekktor.

I am happy to finally hear a really good unknown (at least in Europe) harsh ebm band with good production and that is interesting to listen to. What I really enjoy with this album is the power some of the tracks really have; it’s like a punch in your face. Very aggressive stuff accompanied by some really nice melodies that stick to your head.

This is club music that will make your head explode after shaking it too much and too long. The only downside is that some tracks are a bit similar, not much but still, and one a few tracks the vocals feels a little left behind, but it’s just minor stuff. Also the remix (the only one on the album) could have been left out because it’s just not fair to place something so bad amongst good tracks.

Three strong tracks you really should listen to are “Bone Breaker”, “If You Trust You Loose” and “Desecho”.

Fredrik Croona

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