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 Interfear's Network

Posted on Thursday, March 09 @ 17:38:57 CET


Title: Interfear's Network
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records
Distributor: DSBP
After some improvements and the building of the Hungarian base, this original Russian label returns with the release of another debut, this time of the trio of SCHYZZO.COM. They made a first promising appearance on the international recognized “Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome (Death) Vol. 1” compilation, out and still available on Advoxya Records. So also their track “Complexity” is still present here, but here available in a special extended version. SCHYZZO.COM surprise from the first to the last track with well produced Electro/Industrial music, at times mixed with some Techno elements. The special thing on SCHYZZO.COM is their kind, how to integrate distorted and overdriven rhythm patterns in their music. This music is definitively not related to Powernoise, it belongs more to latest TBM releases like COMBICHRIST - on the harder and danceable tracks like “Mistress” or “Do It!” they remind me a bit on the later HOCICO with some more distortions. The music is more like DIVE on speed, by following current sequencing abilities. Personally I prefer their “real” compositions like the mentioned tracks, and also "Output Of My Mind", which gives some nice worked out synth layer sounds and awakes a real Dark Electro feeling - well done! What I would like to criticize is the order of the track list - this whole album would be more accessible if they could decide, to point out the mentioned tracks better and place them nearer to the start of this album then to the end. On the other hand, this album has enough surprises in stock - lastly with the real Powernoise-like “Slow Porn”, which surprises with its well worked out distortion effects. A lot of fine stuff to be pick up here - this is another fine and promising release of the growing Advoxya label.
Review by: Marc Tater 


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