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 Dolls Of Pain - The Last Conflict

Posted on Sunday, March 06 @ 22:28:47 CET


With this 4th album the French band DOLLS OF PAIN takes a new direction. The band is back with a new album  with a crossover sound. This change in direction was already announced with the EP "Strange Kiss", released in November 2010. Soundwise, it's DOP but with a guitar that brings a more aggressive tone to the dark wave melodies that the band usually supplies. Textwise, Dolls of Pain take us to distant lands of torture of the human spirit. The rifts and conflicts  leading to the inevitable conclusions that we all know more or less.

A vast subject full of sex, lies and jealousy or hurt feelings. Feelings of anxiety, desertion, or self-awareness and questioning flow through the oh so satisfying lyrics of this new opus. In other words, the universal and perpetual conflicts that we have all had the chance or misfortune to explore. "The Last Conflict" is a captivating and melodic album that avoids the all too obvious sounds of the new generation electro groups. You can almost feel the group's urge to shift towards rock mode, more crossover and less dark electro. Perhaps the need for a homecoming and a more "live" sound? Nevertheless, the Dolls Of Pain pull it off and get us up on the dancefloor once again with their fourth album, its stimulating melodies and the group's distinctive aura.

Dolls Of Pain "The Last Conflict" CD 2011.
10 euro / 2.500 HUF / 300 RUB.
AD-HUN-56-CD. digipack.
Release date: 2011.03.28

1. The Beginning Of The End.
2. Strange Kiss.
3. Are U Blind?
4. Why Not?
5. Dont Blame Me.
6. Fading Lies.
7. Stairs Of Glory.
8. Hurt Me.
9. Inside Your Soul.
10. Like An Ass Bitch.
11. D├ęchirure Nocturne.
12. Stay Far Away From Me.
13. With You (feat. Dddmix of BakXIII).

℗©2011 Advoxya Records.

Video-teaser of The Last Conflict:

New album "The Last Conflict" cd:

Band`s fresh remix-ep "Strange Kiss":

Next Zillo`s issue features interview with the band + sound-check.

Dolls Of Pain on stage:
*25/03/2011 : BISCHHEIM (F) - L'Elektron*
*26/03/2011 : AUGGEN (D) Raumstation Sternen*
*02/03/2011 : COLLOMBEY VALAIS (CH) Yukon bar + Chemical Sweet Kids*
*08/04/2011 : PARIS (F) Le KLUB +A7ie*
*09/04/2011 : MONS (B) On Air Studio - Dark Cats Festival
+MED+DeVolanges+Texas trauma+A7ie*

more about Dolls Of Pain: www.myspace.com/dollsofpain


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