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 Asseptic Room - Visceralofobia

Posted on Saturday, April 23 @ 23:30:59 CEST


Carlos (one main force behind the AR and member of Dioxyde) started to work like dj in one of the finest & famous dancefloors in Madrid since 1988. Cult formations like Leæther Strip, Pankow, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Infact, Click Click or The Klinik are only some referencies that later will influence him. At one strange day back in 1998 it happened a lucky strike, Carlos met Marcos during a hard and severe EBM/Industrial session. So, this was born Dioxyde. Between 1999 and 2000, Carlos and Marco, both sent a demo tape to Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) who received this files with a remarkable enthusiasm. Immediatly, headhunter Johan contacted them and qualified it like an interesting and amazing project. Managed by Johan Van Roy, they played at Noise Terror II at the Belgian location of Hasselt with bands like Sleepwalk, Infact, Implant . and of course - Suicide Commando.
2002 has a special meaning, Carlos initiates his side experiment Asseptic Room, a new perspective on his path like a solo member project. In February 2004 Carlos decided to leave Dioxyde for prepare the new material for Asseptic Room. Debut album "Morbid Visions" was released on DSBP Records in 2006, thankful to Tommy T.

Asseptic Room "Visceralofobia" cd, 2011.
on pre-sales from now.
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release date: 2011.05.18

1. Human With Radiation.
2. Visceralofobia.
3. Suenos Rotos.
4. Falsas Palabras.
5. Me Torment.
6. Arzamas 16.
7. Skin and Bones.
8. Posible Final.
9. Red Sludge (Vörös Iszap).
10. The Shame.
11. The Black Door.
12. Rust.
13. Anguish under Tyranny.
14. Move Your Body. Now!
15. Turn Back To Die.
16. Unter Die Seele.

p+c 2011 Advoxya Records.

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