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 Stahlnebel & Black Selket - We Break The Silence

Posted on Sunday, November 16 @ 21:23:27 CET


Advoxya proudly presents …
Go with Stahlnebel & Black Selket on a new and fantastic „dark music journey“ !!
First stop … WE BREAK THE SILENCE (the album), probably it contains the best material of this amazing music project so far. Songs with power and emotion, sounds and melodies that milled into your brains, lyrics between hard reality and sadness. No doubt, you will become addicted to songs such as „Echo“, „Die Zeit“, „Foreign control“ or „Crown of thorns“ !
Second stop … WE FEEL UNITED (the ep), to call this release an „ep“ is more than an understatement, because over 70min music and 14 songs will let your speakers jump. „United“ is the keyword and so you get from Stahlnebel & Black Selket „work together songs“ with friends like Die Braut (Chile), Nano Infect (Greece) or Bleeding Corp (Ecuador), spectacular remixes from Angel Theory (Australia), Electrovot (USA) or Encono (Russia), a rare duet-song and a killer cover version from Icon of Coil´s „Dead enough for life“.
Third stop … WE ARE UNITED (the mini disc), boundaries do not exist in our heads and another result is the song „We are united“ a over 7 min.
monster-song that including the voices of many of our Advoxya colleagues. This disc will be completed with breathtaking remixes from Sin DNA and Ruinizer.
Attention: The first 100 buyers will get a free download code for an „extended version“ of the album title track „We break the silence“ !!

Stahlnebel & Black Selket - We Break The Silence

regular cd edition: 10 EURO.
double-cd edition: 15 EURO.
box triple cd edition: 25 EURO.
catalogue number: ad-hun-95-box.
release date: 17.11.2014.

We Break The Silence cd, ad-hun-95-1-cd
1.    Intro
2.    We Break The Silence
3.    Echo
4.    Die Zeit
5.    Crown Of Thorns
6.    Coming Home
7.    Prism
8.    Dead Meat
9.    Foreign Control
10.    Smog
11.    Waiting
12.    Fresh Flowing Blood (the chessboard killer)
13.    Fight (album version)
14.    Signal
15.    Circle Of Life (be not sad)

We Feel United ep, ad-hun-95-2-ep
1.    Revolution (feat Die Braut)
2.    Die Zeit (Angel Theory remix)
3.    Drowning v2.0 (feat Xavier of Ruined Conflict)
4.    We Break The Silence (Proyecto Crisis remix)
5.    Politician (feat Bleeding Corp)
6.    Die Zeit (Electrovot remix)
7.    Dead Enough For Life (feat End The DJ)
8.    We Break The Silence (NIE remix)
9.    Ohne Dich (feat Jen Draven)
10.    Die Zeit (Encono remix)
11.    Every Day War (feat Nano Infect)
12.    We Break The Silence (Fragile Child remix)
13.    Exorcism (feat Cristina Valle)
14.    Die Zeit (Viscera Drip remix)

We Are United maxi, ad-hun-95-3-maxi
1.    United (feat. Advoxya collegues)
2.    We Break The Silence (SIN DNA remix)
3.    Die Zeit (Stalket Ruinizer remix)

℗© 2014 Advoxya Records.

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video „Coming Home” taken from album „We Break The Silence”

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