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 Nano Infect - Remixes Of Denial

Posted on Monday, November 07 @ 22:17:17 CET


Nano Infect bring to you the second chapter of "Scars Of Denial" entitled "Remixes Of Denial", including remixes from Subliminal Code, PreEmptive Strike 0.1, FabrikC, Extize, Larva, XotoX and more plus a bonus disc with 2 new songs "Lifeless" feat. Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando and "The Darkness Is Coming" as a sample from the forthcoming album "Sick Sick Sick".
The bonus disc also includes what is left from the "Gas Chambers" demo of 2008 and a cover of "See You In Hell!", originally issued by SC.

Nano Infect - Remixes Of Denial 

15 EUR / 4.000 HUF / 600 RUB.

double-cd comes in transparent double jewel-case.
release date: 2016.11.07.

track list CD1:
1. Love Lies Bleeding (Subliminal Code rmx).
2. Jesus Is Dead (PreEmptive Strike 0.1 rmx).
3. We`Re Going To Kill You (Morte Infexion rmx).
4. Jesus Is Dead (nailed by FabrikC).
5. DanceSlut (Extize dirt-e-rmx).
6. Alert (touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket).
7. Love Lies Bleeding (defeo jr. mix by Larva).
8. DanceSlut (Xotox rmx).
9. Love Lies Bleeding (XMH rmx).
10. Jesus Is Dead (Schyzzo.com rmx).
11. We`Re Going To Kill You (Necropsyk rmx).
12. DanceSlut (Massiv In Mensch rmx).
13. We`Re Going To Kill You (8 – 23 rmx).

track list CD2:
1. Lifeless (feat. Johan Van Roy).
2. Lifeless (feat. Johan Van Roy) (world of deceit mix).
3. The Darkness Is Coming.
4. Hell – As Imperial (Emperor Drivas mix).
5. Hell Invaders.
6. Until Death.
7. Black Combat.
8. The Mark Of Death.
9. See You In Hell (Suicide Commando Cover).

℗© 2016 Advoxya Records.

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