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 Cold Therapy - Figures and Faces

Posted on Tuesday, November 15 @ 22:03:50 CET


Jacek/Cold Therapy says: "It all started with the changes in the band - Jan and Jen were no longer working as vocalists in Cold Therapy. Now it's again a solo project like it was 3 years ago, and like those 3 years ago - listeners will hear me again also as the vocalist. The album title was originally in German - "Figuren und Gesichter, which got changed to English version - "Figures and Faces". It was caused by the changes in the band, the previous vocalist Jan was recording vocals in German, but as now I am working solo, I needed to change it to English version.
I decided to continue the path I took - making highly atmospheric music. But this time make it all even better, deeper and darker than before. Now I have also much better equipment than 3 years ago, this time, I didn't need to use effects on vocals like in the past, I could play a lot more and achieve the results for which I was looking for.
"Figures and Faces" is so far the best album of Cold Therapy, at least in my opinion. It is even more experimental, it has even more industrial sound and darker atmosphere. Some of the songs are done like a story, where the vocals and lyrics are in the form of a poem. Be prepared for a depressing journey."

Cold Therapy „Figures and Faces" cd 2016.
10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 450 RUB.
catalogue number: ad-hun-119-cd
packaging: standard transparent jewel-case.
release date: 14.11.2016

01. The Pretender
02. Figures and Faces
03. Scarecrow
04. Night Dwellers
05. Shapeless
06. The Dark Red
07. Portrait of Grotesque
08. Angesicht der Angst
09. The Broken One
10. A Story Untold (feat. Fredrik Croona) 
11. Figures and Faces (Acervus Mix)
12. Portrait of Grotesque (Homicidal Feelings Remix) 
13. Scarecrow (Remixed by impurfekt)

c+p 2016 Advoxya Records.

previous album "Masquerade Infinite" 2015 cd still available via Advoxya Shop.

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