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 Instans - Derailed

Posted on Saturday, February 18 @ 15:07:05 CET


The story began back in the year 2006, when the debut album from swedish duo Instans (already well-known in electro-industrial scene under Severe Illusion name) was released by young hungarian label Advoxya Records. To someone Instans can remind of 90s productions full of mixture from cold-electronics and EMB elements. Most of the songs have a quite minimal sounding structure. The sound is driven by a strong moody format joined by icy bleeps and sharp sounding leads.
Also album features the remixes from No Sleep by the Machine, Alvar, Amnistia, TC75, Antibiosis and Severe Illusion itself.
band says:
The new album from Instans is a journey back to a time from which were we never meant to have emerged. A time when the promise of mutually assured destruction kept the powers that shouldn't be in check, and the rest of the human population in perpetual fear. A time when the coming atomic armageddon DERAILED all of our dreams. On two discs, Instans let's you experience that hopeless future once again. 

Instans „Derailed” new album, double-cd, 2017
15 EUR / 4.500 HUF / 800 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-114-2cd
packaging: transparent double-cd case
release date: 23.02.2017

Instans „Derailed” cd 1:
1. Kosmonaut / Космонавт
2. Wrecked
3. Bullet Full Of Holes
4. Closing In
5. Rapid Eye Movement
6. Destruction Manual
7. Deadly Routine
8. Metastatic Driveway
9. No Storm
10. Catasthrophe / Катастрофа

Instans „Derailed” cd 2:
1. Painless
2. If God Is a Robot
3. When Darkness Fails
4. Wir Sterben
5. Bullet Full Of Holes (remix by No Sleep By The Machine)
6. Wrecked (remix by Alvar)
7. Bullet Full Of Holes (modified by Amnistia)
8. Wrecked (remix by Antibiosis)
9. Bullet Full Of Holes (remix by TC75)
10. Metastatic Driveway (remix by Severe Illusion)

2017 Instans / Advoxya Records

Band / side projects on Advoxya records:
Instans „Common Ground” cd 2006
Severe Illusion „Armed Evolution” cd-ep 2007
Instans „Nuke Fight / Leading The Way” cd-ep 2010
Instans „Understatement” cd 2013
Severe Illusion „Discipline Is Reward Enough” dcd re-release 2017
Instans „Derailed” dcd 2017


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