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 Outpost11 - Resonate

Posted on Friday, August 10 @ 22:27:24 CEST


Advoxya Records proudly presents debut official release from Russia-based electro-industrial project OUTPOST11. Nice combination of sounds from „gold era” of industrial.

Let the band describes itself: My music is inspired by a large pool of musicians and other media pieces; I’d like to use an umbrella term “industrial music”, describing my sound. To be more precise, I’d say that I borrow mainly from late 80-s, early 90-s era of that kind of music. Ministry, Skinny Puppy, FLA, Nine Inch Nails, stuff like that was my main inspiration. You could say that Outpost 11 invokes some sort of nostalgia for that period and you would be right. I grew up listening to that kind music, it’s etched deeply in my mind and it was natural for me to express myself in this way. It pops out in my mind in that exact shape.

Outpost11 - Resonate

Catalogue number: AD-HUN-140-CD
Packaging: digi-wallet edition
Release date: 2018.09.03

On pre-sale from now.
price: 10 EUR / 2500 HUF / 400 RUB


01. Storm  - 04:58
02. Use Your Head - 04:18
03. Sincere Message - 04:04
04. ...But He Loves You! - 04:28
05. Homecoming - 05:21
06. Decline - 05:21
07. Divide and Conquer - 04:00
08. Bloodstained Hands - 04:17
09. Total War - 04:14
10. Throbbing - 04:05
11. Not in a Blast - 05:49
12. Break the Wall - 04:22
13. Use Your Head (Smart remix by Cutoff_Sky) - 05:48
14. Divide and Conquer (Sinister remix by CL-20) - 03:21

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