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 Larva - Scars The Singles

Posted on Monday, August 13 @ 22:14:12 CEST


Scars – is the title of last album from spanish Larva released as 2LP /cd last year on Advoxya Records. Now we collected the singles and gave to them a new life in formate of vinyl box-set. 

Three 7” vinyls in an awesome special boxset package and limited to 150 copies.
Four different reinterpreted; almost completely different songs released in the previous work ‘Scars’; plus two completely new unreleased songs.
Really a special package for hardcore collectors. This work can be seen as a continuation of ‘Scars’, or maybe as a completion in itself. The new songs completely follow the evolution line of the band, maybe in a more intimate way. Come to walk another step through your inner demons and fears.

Larva „Scars The Singles” vinyl box-set, 2018

price: 15 EUR / 4500 HUF / 800 RUB
catalogue number: AD-LTD-13-7”
packaging: 3 x 7inch vinyl singles in hard carton
release date: 2018.09.03
on pre-sale from now.


vinyl one:
A-Save me from myself VINYL EDIT
B-Los parpados caidos

vinyl two:
A-Save me from myself NOT SAFE EDIT
B-Y cuando todo caiga DESOLLADO EDIT

vinyl three:
A-Ojos que chillan ME ODIO EDIT
B-Sleepwalk nightmare

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Larva on the web:


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