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 Larva - Death on Stage, A Compendium of Live Recordings DVD

Posted on Friday, February 08 @ 22:41:17 CET


After his followers have been claiming for it for some time. Here is the new Larva DVD, containing two official music videos and lot of live recordings.
The live videos were recorded during the last year liveshow over Ukraine, the band performance in Convergence Festival 2017 (the most famous industrial festival in Dallas – Texas – USA) and some live recordings in Paris – France. This DVD is not only interesting for the hardcore fans of the band, but for the newcomers to the Larva’s music or liveshows; so they can see, and understand the powerful performances of the band.
Definitively if you never have been in a Larva liveshow, this is a chance to feel what is it about; and it’s sure there will be a ‘before and after’ effect.


10 EUR / 2500 HUF / 500 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-124-dvd
package: transparent PVC DVD box
release date: 18.02.2019

track list:

1. Amargura (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
2. La maldad se encuentra en ti (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
3. Agachar la cabeza (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
4. Frío y oscuro amanecer (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
5. Destructive device (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
6. Hienas (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
7. Mutilación interior (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
8. Palabras vacías (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
9. Save me from myself (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
10. The peace of suicide (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
11. You are alone (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
12. Agachar la cabeza (live in Dallas / USA)
13. Destructive device (live in Dallas / USA)
14. La maldad se encuentra en ti (live in Dallas / USA)
15. You are alone (live in Dallas / USA)
16. Mi mundo nunca fue el vuestro (live in Dallas / USA)
17. Hienas (live in Dallas / USA)
18. Family error (live in Dallas / USA)
19. Frío y oscuro amanecer (live in Dallas / USA)
20. Save me from myself (live in Dallas / USA)
21. Destructive device (live in Paris / France)
22. Die in silence (live in Paris / France)
23. Save me from myself (official music video)
24. If I only could (official music video)

total running time: 112:45

p+c 2018-2019 Larva / Advoxya Records.

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