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 Nohycit - En Exilio

Posted on Friday, September 06 @ 22:40:13 CEST


Nohycit is a Bolivian solo dark-electro project driven by Ferry who you may know as the half-part from project Adeonesis, running together with his brother Wilger.
This is the second full length by Nohycit, and for all, who loves his debut album – nothing changes ! Typical latin dark-electro, but from the best ones. The sounds driven by hard kicks, high resonating melody lines, dark atmospheres and harsh, distorted vocals in Spanish.
Album contains 15 songs featuring also remixes from Stahlnebel & BlackSelket, Adeonesis and others.

excerpt from side-line review on Anomico:
+ + + : If you like a hard-pumping, but stereotypical dark-electro album, you definitely have to discover “Anomico”. The songs are accomplished and there’s a great progression in the tracklist. Songs such as the title track, I also have to say a word about the pretty cool artwork of this album, which once more confirms that a physical release is so much more than streaming platforms!
Conclusion: Nohycit doesn’t bring anything new to a music genre, which is stagnating for too long now, but it’s a damn cool work. So f*** clichés and simply enjoy the sound of Nohycit.

Nohycit „En Exilio” cd, 2019
price: 10 EUR / 2500 HUF / 500 RUB
catalogue-number: ad-hun-143-cd
packaging: 6-panels digi-wallet, sealed.
release-date: 16.09.2019
Nohycit - 01 – Apneas
Nohycit - 02 – Repulsion
Nohycit - 03 - Sofocante y Deliverante
Nohycit - 04 – Submission
Nohycit - 05 - Mi Refuguio
Nohycit - 06 - En Exilio
Nohycit - 07 – Hipocrita
Nohycit - 08 – Hypnose
Nohycit - 09 - Anesthetized (Feat Neon Roads)
Nohycit - 10 – Abismo
Nohycit - 11 – Saviour
Nohycit - 12 - Mi Sentido Y Credo (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
Nohycit - 13 - Mi Sentido Y Credo (BloodConnek7ion Remix)
Nohycit - 14 - Sumersion En Olvido (Adeonesis Remix )
Nohycit - 15 - Mi Sentido Y Credo (Nigen remix)

total time: 63:35
p+c 2019 Advoxya Records, all rights reserved
for all fans of classical latin dark-electro – this release is simply MUST HAVE.


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