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 Wolfchild - Evil Calls Home

Posted on Wednesday, October 09 @ 20:41:32 CEST


After 2 albums the band returns with kick-your-ass-off new material, which definitely deserves attention of all fans of dark-electro scene, say more – iam sure it becomes the one of the best releases of autumn 2019.
let the band speaks:
"Evil Calls Home" is the third album from Dutch & German duo "Wolfchild". The 3rd installment from the band brings you some of their best and darkest tunes till date. Influenced by the old tunes from bands like: Agonoize, Hocico, Grendel and more. "Evil Calls Home" brings you back in the old glory days of Dark Electro into 2019. With clubhits like: Wenn Wölfe Heulen, The Voice of God and Tanz Mit Uns. The album opens softly with the track Hydrangea, a song based on epic instruments...a great start off the album. The 3rd album from WOLFCHILD is defintley for those who enjoy dark electro, aggrotech and ebm. The music is done by Robert van Kooij, and the Lyrics and vocals are handled by Jan Ricker, as the mastering is done by Sander Kapper. How would we describe "Evil Calls Home"? ... You be the judge, all hell breaks loose on this one!

Wolfchild „Evil Calls Home” cd, 2019
price: 10 EUR / 2500 HUF / 500 RUB
catalogue-number: ad-hun-144-cd
packaging: 4-panels digi-wallet.
release-date: 21.10.2019
  1. Hydrangea (7.18)
  2. Bestie:Mensch (6.55)
  3. The Voice Of God (6.21)
  4. Wenn Wölfe Heulen (5.04)
  5. No Warning Shot (7.34)
  6. The Burden Of A Sinner (5.52)
  7. (Fucking With A) Psycopath (5.10)
  8. Tanz Mit Uns (5.34)
  9. Come Forth, Spirits (4.59)
  10. Unser Beider Wunden (9.10)
  11. No Warning Shot (Touched by Stahlnebel and Blackselket) (5.15)

2019 Advoxya Records, all rights reserved.
total time: 69:32
p+c 2019 Advoxya Records, all rights reserved


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