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 Asdean - Vremya.Prostranstvo.Zhizny

Posted on Tuesday, March 17 @ 23:16:41 CET


Powerful debut album from Belarus based dark-electro formation ASDEAN is dedicated to cosmos. Album is used at International Cosmonautics Day.

At the head of the album " Time. Space. Life." there is a theme of a person's desire to realize their dreams and overcome difficulties , as well as the romantic component of space travel. We have always sought to write about dreams, justice, philosophy, something right and sublime. About what to strive for. Asdean is our example of how to talk about the good and eternal in the expressive language of dark-electro.

Asdean „Vremya.Prostranstvo.Zhizny” debut CD is out now

10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 500 RUB.
catalogue numer: ad-hun-148-cd
packaging: digi-wallet.
release date: 12.04.2020.


01. Intro 2:19
02. Kosmos (album version) 4:30
03. Kogda Ti Lzhesh 4:00
04. Sumrachniy Strazh 6:14
05. Zatochenie 6:38
06. Gibernaciya 6:38
07. Moya Zvezda 6:00
08. Pervoprohodec 4:59
09. Bozhestvennaya Inzheneria (final 2020) 6:00 
10. Sumrachniy Strazh (remix by Outpost11) 7:34
11. Sumrachniy Strazh sin dios remix by Larva) 5:48
12. Zatochenie (remix by Synthetiche Lebensform) 5:1
13. Zatochenie (remix by TomZigota) 5:08
14. Kosmos (remix by Object16) 5:33

running time: 69:44
c+p 2020 Advoxya Records


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