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 Asseptic Room - Extinction Or Eeawaken

Posted on Sunday, June 20 @ 15:56:36 CEST


Asseptic Room's new album "Extiction or Reawaken", is the most personal project by the band so far. An unconventional work which departs slightly from the more commercial dark genre. "Extiction or Reawaken" is a return to the beginnings of the dark electronic genre, with a multitude of nuances in each of its passages, many of them derived from other genres such as the industrial Ambient, Martial and Industrial. A twist on dark electronic music, without losing the essence of the project. "Extiction or Reawaken" is a work full of emotion, hope, anger, rudeness, despair, and a lot of sensitivity. A return to the extreme creativity of its components, Carlos.R and Mario.G. definitively incorporated into the project, being an indispensable part of the project.

Asseptic Room „Extinction Or Eeawaken” 
double digipack CD 2021 out now

price: 15 EUR / 4.000 HUF / 1.000 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-159-2cd
packaging: double digipack.
release date: 22.06.2021

01. The Ascent
02. Extinction or Reawaken
03. 4:13 Insomnia
04. The Darkness Party
05. The Rise Of Doom
06. Apocalypse
07. Memoria Oscura
08. Insane From Hell (Lethal mix)
09. Diente Contra Diente
10. Desidia
11. EorR Redemption
12. Insomnia (Acylum Remix)
13. Darkness Party (Hioctan_Rework)
14. The Rise Of Doom (Typhon Rising remix by Nano Infect)
15. Eternal

total time: 65:38

01. The Memory Of Silence - Sentimental Overture
02. Processed Life
03. The Destroyer Of Worlds
04. Nucleardhrama
05. Ardid Karma
06. The Bitter Farewell
07. Backbones
08. Syndrome Of Decay
09. Shockwave
10. Redeemed
11. AscensiĆ³n
12. Lost Longing
13. Entre Cruces
14. I Become Death (Coda EorR)

total time: 61:22

p+c advoxya records 2021

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