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 Instans - Trans Sector Hyperdrive

Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 21:36:28 CEST


There are those who say the Appolo moon landings were not real. Some would go as far as saying the Moon itself isn't real either. Now, in the year 2021, Instans are here to present the truth in its ugliest form: Your dreams are not real. You will never leave the Earth. Whatever they told us, we are stuck on this planet and there is nothing we can do. The new album from Instans contains almost one hour of the most depressing form on Neo Dark Electro. This time around, the misantropy is amplified with guest apperances from the mighty BORG (The Juggernauts) and Jonas Fredriksson (Alvar), and excellent artowork by Noculture. 
It is expected to be released by Advoxya Records on June 23, and is now available for pre order from the record labels web site.

Instans – Trans Sector Hyperdrive 2021 OUT NOW
catalogue number: ad-hun-166-cd
packaging: digipack
release date: 02.08.2021

01 Human Culture is dead
02 The eagle never landed
03 Dream in vain
04 Space 1999 (Assimilated by BORG) V2
05 Dying Stars
06 The unfortunate death of Max Valier
07 Varsin raket
08 Dîd Planet
09 Into the night
10 108 Minuter (feat. Jonas Fredriksson)
11 Monkeys in space
12 Brain Chip

p+c Advoxya Records / Instans 2021

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