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 Noise Resistance - Stripped

Posted on Friday, January 14 @ 21:42:41 CET


We are glad to inform you that Noise Resistance became a member of Advoxya Records family, and here the first release „Stripped” which Advoxya cares for.
For band this is 3rd album, but first one released via european label.

Let the band say:
Our third album is called Stripped. Stripped means not only and not so much the naked physical, but also exposing the soul, the inner world, the real one. In this album we used a new sound, like piano or club house and psy trance rhythms, while maintaining our signature sound. It was probably on Stripped that we achieved the perfect combination of cool melodies, rocking rhythms, meaning and messages in the lyrics and sound quality.

Noise Resistance „Stripped” CD 2021
price: 10 EUR / 3.000 HUF / 700 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-169-cd
packaging: transparent jewel-case.
release date: 17.01.2022

1) Striptease
2) Prisoner Of Mind
3) The Violence 
4) All Beauty Must Die
5) Agression
6) Salvation 
7) Paradise 2021
8) Desire
9) The Belief
10) Burn A Portrait Of Lying Bastard
11) To The Grave

Bonus Tracks - Egoistic Bitch (EP – Remastered)
12) Egoistic Bitch
13) This Side Of Me
14) Lost
15) Psychosys
16) Attack Me
17) Dead Dreams (DeZtructor Instrumental).

total time: 73:23
p+c advoxya records 2021/2022

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