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 Mulphia - Oblivion Day

Posted on Sunday, November 27 @ 16:17:17 CET


After almost 8 years without physical release czech one-man project Mulphia returns with new album
„Oblivion Day” full of dark and markable melodies. 
Band operates from the middle of 1990s, and has already released 5 albums on CDs via Advoxya logo and also numerous internet-only stuff. Without doubt Mulphia has grown and developed to a more layered and attractive dark electro direction compares to previous works, vocals are staying distorted and mostly vocoderized, but the music fits and reaches the higher levels, especcially in melodic field.
As usual Mulphia`s music is that kind of dark electro, which may doesn’t hold the „everybody dances” class hit smasher, but which is kick-off enough to get more attention and recruite more listeners to this project.
Release is supported by german Sonic Seducer music magazine, issue of december contains interview, promo-banner and review of this release. 18 tracks, about 78 minutes in total.

Mulphia „Oblivion Day” CD 2022
price: 10 EUR / 3.500 HUF
catalogue number: ad-hun-176-cd
packaging: 4-panels digipack, factory sealed
release date: 28.11.2022

1. Veil Of Dimensions 3:11
2. Evil In Me 3:28
3. They`re Coming 3:57
4. I Don`t Believe Her 3:37
5. You Will Bleed Before You Die 2:27
6. Devil Inside 4:16
7. Cremation 4:15
8. Under Snow 4:34
9. Leave The God 3:49
10. Fading Memories 3:18
11. Liar 1:14
12. Lej Panáky (Drink Hard) 2:11
13. Who Needs God (Construct 22) 4:55
14. Speed Of Pain 3:51
15. Desires 3:37
16. Praise The Death 3:02
17. Evil Chains 4:13
18. Nightmare 9:51
total time: 69:52

p+c Advoxya Records/Mulphia 2022

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