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 The Crystalline Effect

Posted on Sunday, August 26 @ 21:04:28 CEST


Official Statement from Crystalline Effect about their planned release ad-hun-13-ep "Do Not Open":

Hello, Pete here from Australian electro band The Crystalline Effect. Our new EP entitled “Do Not Open” was scheduled for release in August 2007 by Hungarian label Advoxya Records, as Advoxya CD013.
Due to a promo of the EP turning up on the Internet, the release has been delayed and effectively cancelled in its current form.

I had made only 7 CDR copies of this EP to give out as promos, prior to the manufacturing of the EP. I gave these out at the Castle Party festival in Poland, July-Aug 2007. I was at the festival as I was playing keyboards live with Angelspit, and wanted to give out some promos in the hopes of making future contacts.

4 days after the festival, I got an e-mail from Advoxya Records, saying that they found the EP on mp3db as a free download. In this short time it had already received 1560 downloads, and it currently sits at over 2300 hits on this site alone. The release has also been shared to numerous other pirate mp3 sites. The label were only going to press 500 copies of this release at first and their initial thoughts were to cancel the release altogether.
Incidentally, 2 weeks later I was at Summer Darkness festival in the Netherlands (again, playing live keys for Angelspit), and had met people who had downloaded our EP already.

The release contains 12 tracks, including 3 original tracks and 9 remixes by other artists. The mastering was completed and the artwork was finalised – the release was with the label and ready to press. The label has now agreed to release the EP but only on the condition that it contain 50% new material and be given a new title. This new release is to be pushed back and to be ready for release in 1.5 months. Due to the artwork for the original EP having a padlock on the cover, and with the title being “Do Not Open”, new artwork will also need to be created.
Our plan is to take 6 tracks from our upcoming album “Hypothermia”, including the title track, and put them on the EP. This album  was in mastering but has now been put on hold. 3 of the remixes from the original EP will also be put on ice, and some original tracks removed entirely. This new EP will now be called “Hypothermia” and released in place of Do Not Open, while in the meantime we have half an album to re-write. Our new album will contain the 3 stand-by remixes, so at least this way all remix artists will have their work released.

I am absolutely furious with myself for handing out these copies of the EP. I can remember every single person I handed the 7 copies of the EP to, which makes it even worse as I can imagine who it might have been.
I want this story to be well known so that it might hopefully let people know how much it hurts independent artists and labels when their releases are shared, especially promo pre-releases. Most labels cannot afford to take the hit of thousands of downloads before a release, and this impacts the entire industry. Uploading a release and putting a note up saying “if you like the release, buy it” (like some have done with ours) really isn’t good enough – the damage is already done. This has caused a lot of stress for us, our label and everyone involved.


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