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Posted on Sunday, August 17 @ 22:02:34 CEST


Gothtronic.com has published the review of DENERGIZED "VHS Recall"

This first album of Denergized opens with 'Phantom limb pain', a nice danceable song with well played atrractive synthesizer melodies and whispering vocals The soft vocals are a bit hard to hear but can be heard when you concentrate on the voice of Case (Sergey Vorobyov). The tone set by the first song is continued in the following tracks, although the melodies are slightly less catchy. “Karma” subtitled pattern recognition again catches your ear with a slowly progressing melody getting more and more complex.

The sixth track is a more psychedelic variant of the Denergized sound. Fast changes and typical synthesizer sounds create a feeling of rushing trough traffic to get everyhting done at the right time. “Empty cell” is slower than the other songs on the album and really creates a mourning opening of the song, the pace picks up later when a female voice continually warns the listener against his failing power supply without which he cannot survive outside. Based on the musical rhythm, hints in the title and song the image of a space base appears where someone just love his lost one and goes running outside to forget this all and never comes back. A similar tempo is found in “VHS Autumn” with bright colourful tones coming trough a depressive rainy atmosphere. At the end of after tomorrow suddenly the sound of a LP turning is mixed into the song. Although this can sometimes add to the feeling of the song here it appears to sudden without any connection to the rest of the track. One of the few remarks on this album I would say. The outtro of the album is completely instrumental and mainly played on the piano, different from the rest of the album but a nice finish.


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