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Posted on Sunday, August 17 @ 22:05:47 CEST


Chaindlk.com has published the review of WAVEFALL "Heartstarter"

Since this Moscow-based duo has started with a promising debut entitled “Huge Frustration” to make themselves a constant good name in the Harsh EBM/Hellectro scene, the expectations on this follow-up were high. Let’s say in advance that WAVEFALL have increased and developed in their style and “Heartstarter” isn’t at all the simple copy to the debut. Bandleader Slava and his female better half Tatyanna teamed up again and could produce this new album with the required inner peace, far away from all the disturbing influences of a bad health condition, unfriendly times in Ukrainian prisons full of uncertainty and so on, just check out the included interview with them available on our sides here. It was about time to leave those unfriendly episodes back and to come back on the sunny side of life. This they like to document also with their heart-felting credits in the inlay.

Musically “Heartstarter” gives a constant alternative to the blind valley entitled Hellectro or Harsh EBM, if you like to name it so. Sure, WAVEFALL do not at all completely split with their discovered path, but they add ideas and sounds, which may can be seen as the coarse of the future for them. “Heartstarter” is globally straight-oriented, full of angry moods, but drifts at times into different directions. The tracks have become more organic, also some guitar riffs, sampled or not, get some inserts (“Outsider”). This ain’t no Rock ’n’ Roll and this ain’t not at all Electro-Metal/Crossover – but it offers a subtle influence into Punk music. Besides the usual ingredients the band has to offer, like Slava’s energetic vocal performance (to me one of the best timbres the Harsh EBM genre has to offer... maybe because it still sounds quite natural, but still angry enough...), this can be seen as a real development. Meanwhile they also try to compose real different sounding tracks with a higher compositional demand, “Life In Extreme” with its moody interruptions has to be named. Another track worth to mention is “Invasion”, which combines the harsh EBM outfit with bombastic orchestral pads, while the sirens are screaming, very nice. Also Tatyanna gets now a few inserts in front of the microphone (“Dance With Me”), which is another new tendency worth to mention. 16 tracks in all, more than 70 minutes of a massive and hard EBM outfit are reasons enough to purchase this item, get it!

Review by: Marc Tater


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