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Posted on Thursday, May 07 @ 23:05:40 CEST



1. We have cut the price of our first 10 releases!  As of now, you have the great opportunity to visit www.advoxya-shop.com and order our first 10 releases for only €8 (including domestic TAX charge but not including shipping - no extra hidden charges).
Here are the releases on special:
1. ad-01-cd. Immunology "Newgate" cd, 2005.
2. ad-02-cd. CycloneB "Consequence of Hidden Truth" cd, 2005.
3. ad-04-cd. The-Pulsar "Awakening" cd, 2005.
4. ad-05-cd. Z Prochek "Intravenous" cd, 2005.
5. ad-06-cd. Z prochek "Viewers" cd, 2005.
6. ad-hun-01-cd. BioMechanical Degeneration "Exoskeleton" cd, 2006.
7. ad-hun-02-cd. Schyzzo.Com "Interfears Network" cd, 2006.
8. ad-hun-03-cd. Impact Pulse "Pulseing Modules" cd, 2006.
9. ad-hun-04-ep. CycloneB "Demolished" cd-ep, 2006.
10. ad-hun-05-ep. The-Pulsar "Re-Wakening" cd-ep, 2006.

2. Long-awaited t-shirts from cB aka Cyclone B are in stock NOW.  Check out our Merchandise section.

3. Release dates for the next 3 Advoxya Records releases are now confirmed:
-Mulphia "Wartorn" CD, ad-hun-29-CD - release date: 25.05.2009 Expect all new, never released tracks showing the aggressive new direction in the development of this great czech electro act Mulphia.
Mulphia t-shirts also available soon.
-Snog "Thirteen Remakes for The Rapture" remix-cd, ad-hun-30-cd - release
date: 08.06.2009.
Exclusive remix-cd including tracks previously unreleased on CD from masterming David Thrussel aka Snog.
-Schyzzo.com "Sexshop" cd, ad-hun-27-cd - release date: 22.06.2009.
This distorted-electro influenced band has changed its musical direction and infused a more danceable sound, comparable to Prodigy.
T-shirts from Schyzzo.com will also be available soon.

4. Future of Advoxya Records - the first disc of the legendary label compilation double-cd "Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome vol 3", which includes 100% previously unreleased and exclusive remixes/tracks from our roster ONLY, has been completed and includes:
Disc 1.
1. DENERGIZED "Time" (PABS3 edit).
2. ALIEN PRODUKT "Inflexible" (Narr remix).
3. NEXUS VI "Face to face" (sampler edition).
4. SYNAPTIC DEFECT "Alone in the dark" (PABS3 edit).
5. DEADJUMP "Animus necandi" (with a knife mix).
6. SPIN PROVIDER "Patroni" (556 mix).
7. DRAINED SCORN "Bone breaker" (PABS3 remix).
8. THE PAIN MACHINERY "Total recall" (extended mix).
9. MASSIV IN MENSCH "Never trust the outline" (massive module remix by Impact Pulse).
10. FIRST BLACK POPE "Blackdays" (advent remix).
11. MULPHIA "Who needs god" (PABS3 exclusive track).
12. THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT "How i get out" (advoxya hardmix).
13. THE-PULSAR "My dream" (PABS3 special edition, tuned up by Wavefall).
14. V.E.N. "Nothing remains" (cut module mix by Impact Pulse).


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