NEXUS VI - Apocalypse
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NEXUS VI - type of a brain of the artificial people struggling for existence in this world. The group (in other version: Nexus Virus) was formed by the electronic musician Neuromancer in 2001 and was focused on melodic EBM/darkwave with the mixtures of IDM. Then the project started experiments with drum-n-bass elements. The formation is based in Tomsk which is the centre of industrial culture in Western Siberia. In spring of 2006 Cyanic comes to group on vocals on a constant basis. In the beginning of 2007 guitarist Nike joins Nexus VI. The first album "Decaying Society" comes out in 2006 being released by the group itself. It represents the collection of the best things written from 2001 up to 2006. New, more rigid, dark, evil on sound and more dance oriented album "Electrolust" was released by NEXUS VI on the Russian label Art Music Group in summer 2008. Judging by the sound, this album is the direct continuation of Electrolust. Advoxya Records liked the demo version and decided to release Apocalypse. Await, Apocalypse comes now.

NEXUS VI "Apocalypse" cd, out April 5th, 2010.
new full-lenght album.
catalogue number: ad-08-cd.

1. Agony.
2. Dr. Evil.
3. Biomechanical.
4. Made Of Fear.
5. Ressurection.
6. Face To Face.
7. Forgotten Hero.
8. City Of Winds (Kali-Yuga cover).
9. Aesthetics Of Happiness.
10. Totalienkrieg (feat. Vladimir Harkonnen).
11. Cold Dream.
12. Agony (Purple Fog Side remix).
13. Biomechanical (Mulphia remix).
14. Made Of Fear (Easy Darkness Mix by Virgin Fix).
15. Epilogue.

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