The Pain Machinery - Urban Survival
Date: Saturday, June 26 @ 23:52:09 CEST
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After several years in the making, The Pain Machinery proudly present their fourth album Urban Survival. 14 tracks custom built to sweep the scum off the streets. This time, Anders Karlsson and long time partner in crime Jonas Hedberg have enlisted guest vocalist Jared Louche, the driving force behind the legendary Chemlab, to maximise the impact of their sonic assault.

Urban Survival is an amalgamation of the band´s early hardcore rhythmic industrial noise and a new-found sense of cathchiness. Taking cues from their old-school influences like Cabaret Voltaire, SPK and Hunting Lodge without ever sounding like a retro act, TPM unleash a barrage of jackhammer beats, heavy-duty electronics and menacing vocals to hypnotising effect.

The Pain Machinery: Urban Survival,
new full-lenght, released by Advoxya Records on 28th June, 2010.
Cat number: ad-hun-42-cd

Track list:
01. Paranoise
02. Fearless
03. Traitor
04. Adapt
05. Snake Church
06. I Am Night
07. Internal Bleeding
08. Witness
09. React
10. Total Recall
11. 29 Stitches
12. Weekend Warrior
13. Slave
14. Snake Church (Dub)

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still fresh amazing remix-ep "Total Recall" from 2009:

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