Instans: Nuke Fight / Leading The Way
Date: Saturday, July 03 @ 16:37:37 CEST
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Good news for you all. Advoxya is about to release a new EP from Swedish post EBM act Instans. Under the name "Nuke Fight / Leading the Way", the EP holds two new tracks from the band and remixes from KIFOTH, Arzt+Pfusch, The Pain Machinery, Mergel Kratzer, Boron Division, Four Dimentional Nightmare, Severe Illusion, Time Wave Zero and Radiumhospitalet. The EP is made from real plastic and the beautiful artwork is made by Anders Karlsson from The Pain Machinery. The EP is expected to be followed up by a full length album later this year, so stay tuned.

Instans can be seen at the Enegry Open Air festival in Cherkasy, Ukraine,on July 17. Enegry Open Air is a three day festival taking place between July 16 and 18, with well over 30 bands playing, including Error Genesis, Alien Vampires, A7IE, Schyzzo.Com and Severe Illusion. Be there.

Instans: Nuke Fight / Leading The Way, new remix-ep since 2006.
available from Advoxya Records on July, 5th, 2010.
cat number: ad-hun-41-ep.

1. Leading the Way (original version)
2. Nuke Fight (original version)
3. Leading the Way K-lub R-mix by KIFOTH
4. Nuke Fight Fatsuit 3CD Unwanted Ltd. Edition by Arzt+Pfusch
5. Leading the Way remix by Mergel Kratzer
6. Nuke Fight The Pain Machinery
7. Leading the Way remix by TWZ
8. Nuke Fight Zeborial Dimention mix by Boron Division
9. Nuke Fight remix by Four Dimentional Nightmare
10. Nuke Fight Momkey Slapper mix by Severe Illusion
11. Nuke Fight remix by Radiumhospitalet.

c+p 2010 Advoxya Records.

Nuke Fight / Leading The Way can order here

Still available from Instans debut-album Common Ground

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