Alien Produkt - The Next Chapter
Date: Thursday, November 11 @ 21:26:58 CET
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Ricardo Alien: "Perhaps the most significant production in the career of the group with remixes of the most important bands of the world scene paying a tribute to alien produkt being consolidated moreover. From the First Step to the Next chapter, Personal glories and internal defeats mark this production with a very personal and mature sound.
A new chapter in the music of Alien Produkt anticipating his third album full that will be called "renascence" every sound and every melody they reflect experiences and personal feelings that want to go so far as to touch the most intimate of the being to share it with you ... We hope that they should like and we are grateful to all the bands that without any economic interest took part in this production, really we appreciate very much this. We present to you the real sound of Alien Produkt".

Alien Produkt "The Next Chapter" REMIX-EP 2010.
Out: 22.11.2010.

1 - The Next Chapter (original).
2 - Persecucion Agonica (original).
3 - The Next Chapter (FGFC820 remix).
4 - The Next Chapter (remix by Wynardtage).
5 - Persecucion Agonica (Acylum remix).
6 - The Next Chapter (remixed by Second Disease).
7 - The Next Chapter (PreEmptive Strike 01 remix).
8 - Persecucion Agonica (A7IE remix).
9 - The Next Chaper (DOLLS OF PAIN re_mixXx).
10 - Persecucion Agonica (Por Argentum).
11 - Persecucion Agonica (Engelmacher mix).
12 - The Next Chapter (V2A mix).
13 - Persecucion Agonica (Darkmen ebm remix).
14 - The Next Chapter (rmx by [T]errorgazm project).
15 - The Next Chapter (remix by Xperiment).

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Still available the previous release of Alien Produkt "Honour Vs Falsehood - The First Step" ep, 2009

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