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Date: Monday, December 17 @ 20:44:10 CET
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One of the landmark albums in the history of electronic music is here reissued in a deluxe remastered collector's edition. Snog's "Lies Inc." was a revelation upon its release 20 years ago. Liquid electro rhythms, sharp satirical lyrics, a dark kind of dry humour and a global left-field industrial dance-floor hit ("Corporate Slave") combined to make an album both timeless and unique. From the opening track "Spermy Man" , it's clear that Snog sound like nobody before or since, a maniacal lyric about a sleazy housemate (or is there more to it than that?), ghostly Slavic choirs and squealing analogue synths propel the song forward into the darkness. Early favourites like "Shop" and "Born To Be Mild" are all here, expanded with rare extra and unreleased tracks, new artwork by I+T=R (Richard Grant) and a magnificent 2012 remaster.
Shop Till You Drop.

SNOG - Lies Inc. (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Advoxya Records 2012)
10 EURO/2.500 HUF/300 RUB.
Catlogue Number: AD-HUN-49-CD.
Out: 17.12.2012.

Lies Inc Track List:
1. Spermy Man 5:20
2. Corporate Slave 5:26
3. Born to Be Mild (Soma Remix) 4:17
4. Real Wise Yuppie 3:44
5. Hunter 3:53
6. Shop 2:57
7. Bank 3:17
8. Control 2:28
9. Somatime 2:44
10. Make My Day 2:14
11. Love Power 4:58
12. Flesh 4:33
13. Supermarket Dream (Fragment) 3:59
14. Shop (W.S.C.F. Remix) 3:34
15. Corporate Slave (Alpha 66 Remix) 5:17
16. Manufacturing Consent 3:18
17. Born to Be Mild (Overture) 4:27
18. Gas Breath 3:23
19. Real Wise Yuppie / Born to Be (Live at the Hammersmith Odeon) 5:57
20. Funereal 2:54

Total Time: 78:49

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