First Black Pope - Ex-Communication
Date: Tuesday, November 19 @ 12:53:15 CET
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Italy attacks! First Black Pope is back! And the band around shouter and stage-berserker Scar is bringing you the massive new album “Ex-communication”, a thunderstorm of hard beats, ultra-low-end bass lines and aggro-screams, masterfully augmented by catchy and fat Electro-soundscapes and cynically evil lyrics. Industrial + hardstyle + a healthy dose of blasphemy, a sort of dancefloor-filler mystical experience … and never before have the Italian psychos driven their sound to such utter perfection as on this latest onslaught of sound.

10 euro / 2.500 HUF / 300 RUB.
cat. number: ad-hun-79-cd.
release date: 18.11.2013.
out now.

1. Final Solution.
2. Messiah.
3. Plastic Nursery.
4. Baptized in Blood.
5. Excommunication.
6. The Curse.
7. Slow Death.
8. Psychic Secretions.
9. Black Body Radiation.
10. Repentant.
11. Artificial Void.
12. War Party (feat. Ira K Organisation).

2013 Advoxya Records.

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Video-teaser of a new album

Baptized in Blood video

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