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Date: Thursday, January 16 @ 21:44:50 CET
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Formed back to the middle of 90-s, belgian duo Stin Scatzor continues their own INDUSTRO-madness - this time under Advoxya logo. Pure electro-punk - If you want to discover the INDUSTRO-sound from Hellgium, including a brutal guitar and an aggressive voice, then you will like STIN SCATZOR!
Musically Stin Scatzor is the mix between industrial sounds, harsh voice and guitars. Veterans are back - go get drunk and listen the new stuff from Stin Scatzor.

STIN SCATZOR "Industremakes" cd 2014.
cat. number: AD-HUN-81-CD.
release date: 20.01.2014.
out now.
track list:
1. Broken Mirror
2. Dressed In Leather
3. Someone`s Memory
4. Hellgium
5. Let Me Rot
6. Inside The Machine
7. I Am The Underdog
8. The One I Trust
9. I Will Die (remake by Hynnner Vs Hant1S3)
10. Inside The Machine (remake by Drone 24-7)
11. Still Alive (remake by CTRLER)
12. The Bone Collector (remix by Gin Devo)
13. It Doesn`t Matter (remix by Acylum)
14. Vernix Caseosa (remix by Wynardtage)
15. I Will Die (remake by Liquid G)
16. Hellgium (remake by Hioctan)
17. It`s Unfair (remake by Cold Flesh Colony)

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