Date: Saturday, June 07 @ 22:29:51 CEST
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We are here to announce massive summer sales, taking start from today until October, 1st, 2014. All releases with catalogue numbers from 01 to 60 are on sale from now for only 5 EUR.

If you order 5 or more discount items - shipping worldwide free of charge in registered package incl. tracking-number and AVIA. After October, 1st some of releases - which are near to be sold out - will be re-priced back up to regular prices (10 EUR). Use your chance to stock the collection.

BioMechanical Degeneration Exoskeleton ad-hun-01-cd
Schyzzo.Com Interfears Network ad-hun-02-cd
Impact Pulse Pulseing Modules ad-hun-03-cd
CycloneB Demolished ad-hun-04-ep
The-Pulsar Re-Wakening ad-hun-05-ep
Wavefall Huge Frustration ad-hun-06-cd
Instans Common Ground ad-hun-07-cd
Immunology Fallen Angel ad-hun-08-ep
Mulphia Dark Sides ad-hun-09-cd
Nothing Nada Nicht Nichego ad-hun-10-cd
Severe Illusion Armed Evolution ad-hun-11-ep
Label-compilation PABS 2 ad-hun-12-cd
The Crystalline Effect Hypothermia ad-hun-13-ep
DeadJump Scare Mix ad-hun-14-ep
The-Pulsar Revolution / Reloaded ad-hun-15-cd
Mulphia Bleeding ad-hun-16-cd
Wavefall HeartStarter ad-hun-17-cd
Impact Pulse Optimal Contrast ad-hun-18-cd
Denergized VHS Recall ad-hun-19-cd
DeadJump Post Immortal ad-hun-20-cd
T.W.Z. Evolution ad-hun-21-cd
The Crystalline Effect Identity ad-hun-22-cd
The-Pulsar Never ad-hun-23-cd
Synaptic Defect World-Wide Life and Death ad-hun-24-cd
Larva Voces Del Laberinto ad-hun-25-cd
Massiv In Mensch Hands On Massiv vol. I ad-hun-26-ep
Schyzzo.Com Sexshop ad-hun-27-cd
CycloneB Evil ad-hun-28-cd
Mulphia Wartorn ad-hun-29-cd
Snog 13 Remakes For The Rapture ad-hun-30-cd
T.W.Z. Serpent Column Portal ad-hun-31-cd
Drained Scorn Release The Hate ad-hun-32-cd
DeadJump Animus Necandi ad-hun-33-cd
Impact Pulse Remix Modules ad-hun-34-ep
Total Pain Kollapz Survive The Everyday ad-hun-35-cd
Alien Produkt Honour Vs Falsehood - The First Step ad-hun-36-ep
The Pain Machinery Total Recall EP ad-hun-37-ep
Larva The Hated ad-hun-38-cd
First Black Pope Spiritual / Spiral ad-hun-39-cd
Aktive.Hate In Terrorem ad-hun-40-cd
Instans Nuke Fight / Leading The Way ad-hun-41-ep
The Pain Machinery Urban Survival ad-hun-42-cd
Asseptic Room Visceralofobia ad-hun-43-cd
A7IE The Shattering ad-hun-44-cd
Snog Avoid Panic Buying ad-hun-45-cd
K-Nitrate Voltage ad-hun-46-cd
Snog Buy Me.I Will Change Your Life ad-hun-47-cd
Alien Produkt The Next Chapter ad-hun-48-ep
Snog Lies Inc. ad-hun-49-cd
Massiv In Mensch Niemand Weiss Was Die Zukunft Bringt ad-hun-50-1-cd
Dolls Of Pain Strange Kiss ad-hun-51-ep
Sadiztik:Injektion Beta Version World ad-hun-52-cd
Stahlnebel & Black Selket Blood and Passion ad-hun-53-cd
ElectroSynthetic Rebellion A Passage In Time vol. II ad-hun-54-cd
A7IE Narcissick ad-hun-55-ep
Dolls Of Pain The Last Conflict ad-hun-56-cd
Stahlnebel & Black Selket Bloody Rain ad-hun-57-ep
Proyecto Crisis Made In Remix ad-hun-58-ep
Antythesys Over.Dose ad-hun-59-cd
Project Rotten Cinema Bizarre ad-hun-60-cd
Immunology New Gate ad-01-cd
CycloneB Consequence of Hidden Truth ad-02-cd
PABS, 1 label-compilation ad-03-cd
The-Pulsar Awakening ad-04-cd
Z Prochek Intravenous ad-05-cd
Z Prochek Viewers ad-06-cd
Wavefall EP-Tronics ad-07-ep
Nexus VI Apocalypse ad-08-cd
Larva Entre Agujas ad-09-ep
Sadiztik : Injektion Global Genocide ad-10-cd
PABS, III (double-cd) label-compilation ad-double-cd-03

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