Mulphia - WarTear
Date: Monday, November 10 @ 23:43:22 CET
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One of the first bands signed to Advoxya Records is back. Mulphia still have its only vision of dark music, and i always like Mulphia for its ideas in creating an own sound while avoiding the cliche beats of technoid oontz and danceable electro stuff.
Basically WarTear continues the line direction of WarTorn, dedicated to space-proopers adventures and alien invasion, but you can easily feel how the band steps forward during 5 years since WarTorn.

Mulphia "WarTear" cd.
catalogue number: ad-hun-91-cd
10 EUR/2.500 HUF/350 RUB.
release date: 2014.11.10.

01 incoming
02 conquering
03 sorrow
04 strange rain
05 personal suicide
06 aeon rising
07 promises
08 underwater guerrilla
09 red sun comes
10 cruel face
11 aeon tears
12 thermite
13 i'm mad
14 this is the end

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Still available huge back-catalogue from the band:
2007 "Dark Sides"
2007 "Bleeding"
2009 "WarTorn"
2012 "Pereat!"

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