Bleeding Corp - Infected Sounds
Date: Sunday, November 30 @ 22:04:01 CET
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Advoxya proudly presents first official full lenght album from this talented electro band healing from Ecuador. Electro stuff spiced with guitar riffles :) One track features label-mates from Subliminal Code and albums was mastered by Sander K. (Black Selklet productions).

Bleeding Corp "Infected Sounds" cd
out now transparent jewel-case: 10 EURO.
catalogue number: ad-hun-96-cd.
release date: 01.12.2014.

track listing:
1. Welcome To The Corporation.
2. Hellbound (feat. Subliminal Code).
3. Die On The Road.
4. Taste Of Blood.
5. Let The People Bleed.
6. The Black Heart.
7. Electro Fuckin` Musick.
8. Ruegos.
9. Live Or Die.
10. Murder In The Front Row.
11. Sweet Revenge.
12. The System.
13. Infection Complete.

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