Fredrik Croona - The Grey Line
Date: Tuesday, September 01 @ 21:36:03 CEST
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After releasing albums under different names and projects (Project Rotten, Cynical Existence just to name a few), Fredrik is back again with the most personal and true release to date. Combining dark electro and futurepop to create a mixed sound to appease people of both camps. The only line there is , is the grey line. Less distorted vocals but more personal feelings. 
Combining elements of harsh none distorted screams with clean vocals. Heavy beats and harsh leads with elements of melodic trance. 
Spawned from a restless and creative mind that like to toy around and play with different genres. 

Fredrik Croona „The Grey Line” cd, 2015. 
10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 400 RUB.
format: digiwallet edition.
release date: 31.08.2015.
track list:
1.Always the same
2.Stand my ground feat Patrik Hansson
3.The end
4.Everytime I die
5.This pain
6.Close your eyes
9.Coming down
11.I tried
12.The path_feat PreEmptiveStrike0.1

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