Reactor7x - Illusion Of Chaos
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Reactor7x album „Illusion Of Chaos” is a debut from the band, already well-known inside industrial community.
band talks (excerpt from the interview with the band, placed in fan-zine AD-ZINE02):
„We began working on this album in 2010 and since that time a lot has changed, we were looking for new ideas, sound and possibilities. However, we dont think that this time was wasted. We managed to do a few really good remixes and we started cooperation with Arkadiusz Malczewski who is the sound technician of Behemoth (famous polish death metal formation). The outcome of this cooperation is a very energetic single +Sick Of It All+ which marked the beginning in our music. We treat the band as our passion and hobby and because each of us has a job on daily basis, we dont need to hurry…the most important thing for us is the final effect to be interesting and satisfying”.

I. Reactor7x „Illusion Of Chaos" simple cd edition.
10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 450 RUB.
catalogue number: ad-hun-112-1-cd
packaging: standard transparent jewel-case.
II. Reactor7x „Illusion Of Chaos" double cd collectors edition.
15 EUR / 4.000 HUF / 600 RUB.
catalogue number: ad-hun-112-2cd
packaging: standard transparent double-case, incl. remix-cd, placed in carton super-jacket.
release date: 06.06.2016
track-list cd1 (album, ad-hun-112-1-cd):
1. IMPULSE (1:12)
4. OUTBURST (4:11)
5. WHEN WE FALL (4:44)
06.NEURON (1:16)
08.SCHISM (4:10)
10.ELEGY (5:58)
11.ON YOUR KNEES (5:09)
12.PURGATORY (2:45)
track-list cd2 (remix-cd, ad-hun-118-2-ep):
1.SICK OF IT ALL (cutoff:sky remix) (4:15)
2.SICK OF IT ALL (c.h.district remix) (4:26)
3.SICK OF IT ALL (gettner remix) (4:52)
4.OUTBURST (inburst rmx by controlled collapse) (4:29)
5.OUTBURST (binary division remix) (4:24)
6.WHEN WE FALL (deadjump remix) (4:07)
7.HELTER SKELTER (wolfchild remix) (4:15)
8.HELTER SKELTER (remixed by xlr 840) (4:35)
9.ON YOUR KNEES (viscera drip's revenge remix) (5:55)
10.ON YOUR KNEES (touched by stahlnebel black selket) (4:52)

c+p 2016 Advoxya Records.

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