CБ - Demolished
Date: Saturday, June 24 @ 14:57:46 CEST
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Title: Demolished
Format: CD EP
Label: Advoxya Records

The Estonian EBM/Electro act CYCLONE B returns under the shortened moniker CB and releases finally their long awaited follow-up EP to their highly recommended debut CD “Consequence Of Hidden Truth”. Next to the reduction of the band name with the Russian “B” letter (...which is unfortunatly impossible to fill it into this review text, baah!) , there are also some changes in the lineup of the band members, and this can maybe explain the long delay of this release, which was originally set to late summer 2005.

“Demolished” is the expected EP which features 3 new tracks, plus 8 remix works done by some fine and known names out of the international Electro/Industrial scene. “S.O.S.” is the name of the opening track, a real hard EBM smasher, which is filled with several FX noises and a rough distorted vocal performance. It has a strong dedication to some classic FLA works maybe and can be called here as the best track this talented Estonian act has ever composed. The second new piece follows with “Place Of Nothingless” – vocals and the generally mood of this track are darker, also the tempo slows down a bit, nevertheless also this track is a winner and it documents the excellent musically development this band has done lately. Then we got several remix works on some tracks taken in their original version from the full length “Consequence Of Hidden Truth”, “Sputnik” (done by XP8 and the Out Of Line recording artist ANGELS & AGONY), “Deathember” (by the German SYNAPTIC DEFECT and the lesser known act ERRATIK AFFEKT) – and surprisingly the slow and depressive track “Agony” featured in three remixes by BATTERY CAGE (USA), DEPRESSIVE DISORDER (Czech Republic), and THE-PULSAR (Russia). The most outstanding remix is done by BATTERY CAGE, because their remix really tries hard to drift away from the slow original “Agony” track and sounds more like a real new track than a remix. Please note also that this remix work of this famous US act avoids the use of some guitar sounds and Coldwave attitudes for which this act is known for. Add to this the original version of the old-school EBM track “Cybernation” – this piece was featured in a special edited version on the Interbreeding 7 DCD compilation of the USA-based label BLC Productions – and also the “Up Your Hate – Mix” of the dancefloor killer “Nothing” done by CB themselves, and this piece was available on the Advoxya Records compilation “Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome (Death) 1”. 11 tracks in all here, no weak pieces and no fillers at a running time of more than 56 minutes – yes, this new and fine Advoxya output was worth the waiting time. Please note also the international presented remix artists featured here – this Estonian talent has made some good friends in almost every corner on this world. Promising new tracks and some excellent remix works – you can’t ask for more!

Review by: Marc Tater

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