Homicidal Feelings - Cognitive Disorders
Date: Tuesday, December 06 @ 21:17:03 CET
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Giba/Homicidal Feelings says: The Brazilian project Homicidal Feelings presents the second album released by Advoxya Records.
"Cognitive Disorders" approaches the "Neuroscience" method of observation and experiment about complex organ "Brain" associates the cognitive functions processes that underlie the human behaviors. Thus, involved the process to develop a structure layered sounds, thunderous beat  and a abrasive percussive rhythmics, inspired in the sources of the electro-industrial.
Among the 16 songs are injected magnificent versions by: Serpents, Larva, Cardinal Noire, Deadjump, Cold Therapy, Atropine, Subliminal Code, Amorphous, Human Vault and Brain Over Dust, amongst a official tribute to song "Slave to Evil" of the legend : Wumpscut:.
Mastering: At Raven Studios by SynthetiC (aka Sakis Axiotis) cover art by Bruno Bacchiega.

Homicidal Feelings "Cognitive Disorders" cd 2016.
10 EURO / 2.500 HUF / 400 RUB.
Catalogue number: AD-HUN-121-CD
Packaging: Simple-CD standard transparent jewel-case.
Release date: 2016.12.05.

1. Cognitive Disorders
2. One Existence In Pain
3. Sectarian Strife
4. The Final Consummation
5. Sharpen The Senses feat. DeadJump
6. Slave To Evil (:Wumpscut: official tribute)**
7. Cognitive Disorders (Cardinal Noire – metal pliers mix)
8. One Existence In Pain (myasis mix by Larva)
9. Cognitive Disorders (Serpents)
10. Sectarian Strife (Cold Therapy)
11. Cognitive Disorders (Subliminal Code)
12. One Existence In Pain (Brain Over Dust)
13. Cognitive Disorders (DeadJump)
14. Sectarian Strife (Amorphous)
15. Cognitive Disorders (Human Vault)
16. Cognitive Disorders (Atropine)

℗© 2016 Advoxya Records.

previous album "Virtue To Vice" 2014 cd still available via Advoxya Shop.

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