Devilsight - Rabia
Date: Monday, July 24 @ 22:01:14 CEST
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about release:
After 2 years since the band`s debut album „Luna” was spreaded via Advoxya records, mexican band is returns with powerful material on „Rabia” EP. Release contains 7 new tracks and 5 remixes from the well-known names of the dark-electro scene as Amduscia, C-Lekktor and newcomer on Advoxya russian act Antibiosis among others.

band says:
When we are working in our music, we build harmonious bases with wild touches. Thinking that each beat moves with our heart and it's the right time when our music revives us from these withered bodies.
When composing, I only think of escaping from this world, screaming the anger and the anger that I have inside, I want everyone to hear my voice, I want to die, I want to disappear, I want to live and be reborn again in Stan.  These two elements (Music and Voice) are like two snakes making love dangerously to become the best mother fucker of the beasts. 
This is rage....this is happiness....this is Devilsight ! Darkness, chaos and sex!

Devilsight „Rabia” cd-ep, 2017.
10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 400 RUB
catalogue-number: ad-hun-127-ep
packaging: transparent jewel-case.

1.-This is the feeling of my hate
4.-Why Not
7.-District Hell
8.-This is the feeling of my hate (DMT Berzerk Remix)
9.-This is the feeling of my hate (Raul Amduscia Lucifer Christ (Unhated mix)
10.-This is the feeling of my hate (C-Lekktor Remix)
11.-This is the feeling of my hate (Brain Over Dust Remix)
12.-This is the feeling of my hate (Antibiosis Remix)

p+c 2017 Advoxya Records.

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