Bleeding Corp - Ex Machina
Date: Tuesday, August 01 @ 22:00:12 CEST
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about release:
Label debut of the band got released in far 2014, and after 2,5 years of “Infected Sounds” here is the new smash mayhem of cross-over industrial aggression named „Ex. Machina”. Album itself contains 13 tracks improved by killer-guitar riffles and second mini-disc „Techno generation” holds the title track and 3 remixes from Advoxya label-mates as Reactor7x, Viscera Drip and Antibiosis.
let the band speaks:
"Ex Machina" marks a new stage for Bleeding Corp. is a record in which it demonstrates the evolution of the band, the force and passion that we have put on this; The lyrics are very personal, in which we speak about our triumphs and defeats, our angels and demons, and in which there are certain references to elements or people who have been an inspiration for us. We continue to grow every day and "Ex Machina" is proof of this and the power of the South American and Ecuadorian industrial music!

Bleeding Corp „Ex. Machina" cd/2cd, 2017.

simple cd edition: 10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 400 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-131-1-cd
packaging: transparent simple jewel-case.
double cd edition: 15 EUR / 4.000 EUR / 650 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-131-2cd
packaging: transparent double jewel-case.

Bleeding Corp „Ex. Machina” regular cd (ad-hun-131-1-cd)
1-  Intro
2- Noise Generation
3- Eye for an eye
4- I will rise
5 - Daemonica
6 - Litost
7 - Ante Bellum
8 - Intoxicate
9 - La nueva era
10 - Incision
11 - Techno Satanic
12 - A new day
13 - Party in hell
Bleeding Corp „Techno Generation” mini cd (ad-hun-131-2-maxi)
coming only as second mini-disc with double-cd edition.
1 - Techno Generation
2 - techno satanic (Divine rmx by Reactor7x)
3 - Noise Generation (Viscera drip Remix)
4 -  Techno Satanic (Antibiosis Remix)

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