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Date: Wednesday, October 11 @ 22:26:23 CEST
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Schyzzo crew is back after 4 years of silence. After releasing their 3rd album „Striptease & Revolt” in 2013 karl and Viktor both went through the huge changes out in musical development and in private lifes as well, hard times are have already passed off and we are glad to present you finally the new cd-ep titled „Clash”.
let he band speaking about this release: „The elixir of Schyzzo is always the difference :) Somewhere small, somewhere big difference compare to our pprevious stuff. On „Clash” you can hear more vocoders, more atmospeheres, brutal powers with crystal clean sounds. Im so proud of this, because during the recording and creation of it record I made 2 studio rebuildings, I bought new instruments for the appropriate sounds, there was recording problems of the guitars...but the issue speaks for itself.”

Schyzzo.Com "Clash" cd-ep, 2017.
10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 400 RUB.
catalogue number: ad-hun-115-ep
packaging: digi-wallet.
release date: 09.10.2017
track list:
1. Clash
2. Too Many Tension
3. Clash (kinetic)
4. Entropy
5. Clash (arachnid)
6. Double Helix (symmetric)
7. Worst Conflict
8. Karma Reset

p+c 2017 Advoxya Records.  

band`s back-catalogue:
2006 album „Interfears Network”
2009 album „Sex Shop”
2013 album „Striptease & Revolt”
all still available via or digitally via our Bandcamp page.

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