Miseria Ultima - Phosphor
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Dark-electro scene is dead you say ? Nothing fresh and innovative since years? haha, not really – the band from Finnland has an answers on these claims with debut album. Awesome music, stuff, everything is perfect – sounds fresh and brutal.  Scene needs in acts like this J! 
The album ”Phosphor” includes melodic and aggressive elements, with taste from different electronic genres. It includes twelve tracks to dance to – and to feel to. The name of the album represents acceptance of self consciousness, torment and woe, under the pressure of high technological society- this acceptance is ”Phosphor”.

MISERIA ULTIMA debut album ”Phosphor” out now!
Miseria Ultima "Phosphor" cd, 2017.
10 EUR / 2.500 HUF / 400 RUB.
catalogue number: ad-hun-134-cd
packaging: transparent jewel-case.
release date: 23.10.2017
1. Omega Transmission
2. Shift To Crimson
3. Morningstar
4. Garden Of Abstractions
5. Scarlet
6. Neuroveil
7. The Deep Red Heart
9. Halo Of Affliction
10. Latter Disarray
11. Shapeshifter Of Dreams
12. Vertigo

p+c 2017 Advoxya Records.

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