Cold Therapy - The Darkest Hour
Date: Tuesday, November 27 @ 21:22:13 CET
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After 2 years since the previous release, Cold Therapy is back, presenting you "The Darkest Hour"! As before, you can expect this album to be dark and atmospheric, but this time - less experimental, compared to "Figures and Faces". This 14-track release includes a collaboration with Tanaros and 2 remixes, done by Dedicated Hardware and Neroese.

Cold Therapy "The Darkest Hour" cd, 2018.
10 EUR / 2500 HUF / 450 RUB
catalogue number: ad-hun-139-cd
packaging: simple transparent jewel-case
release date: 2018.11.26 

track list:

1. A Dark Path
2. Ashes To Ashes
3. If You Go
4. I Remember 
5. The Light Is Dead
6. Nachtmahr (feat. Tanaros)
7. Relentless Torture
8. Wsrod Cieni
9. Exordium To End
10. Fading
11. The Solace Of Silence
12. Through The Night
13. The Solace Of Silence (Dedicated Hardware Remix)
14. Ashes To Ashes (Neroese Doom Revision)

total running time: 51:06
p+c 2018 Advoxya Records.

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