Stupre - You Are Made For Me
Date: Saturday, May 04 @ 20:46:16 CEST
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France-based act Stupre (or as they like to name themselves STPR) is back with new album and some video-shots. This time Nico (mastermind behind the STPR) invitited well-know singer NOTRE GUIDE from french crossover formation Dolls Of Pain to take a part in writing lyrics and singing on the half of album. 
A solid collaboration between two reknown artists containing everything we love from hard stomping hitsingles to dark emotionnal piano driven songs. A must! 
Years of friendship resisting the hypocrisy of the world made this unique collaboration possible. And what a blast!
During one year of hard work, the boys have compiled their past personnal experiences in deep songs blending primal rage, melancholy, but also understanding through maturity. Don't forget to check STUPRE social medias and Youtube channel for there's a lot of vids to watch and many more to come! THEY ARE MADE FOR YOU

Stupre - You Are Made For Me
price: 10 EUR / 2500 HUF / 500 RUB
packaging: digi-wallet
release-date: 13.05.2019 

1. Money Is Good 02:10
2. Dont Feed The Poor 03:26
3. Un Dieu Etrange 04:01
4. Prends Ma Main 03:11
5. You Pay You Play 04:04
6. Dans Tes Draps 04:09
7. Le Monstre 05:17
8. FOU 04:57
9. You Are Made For Me 04:15
10. Ton Chemin 03:39
11. Obesia 04:00
12. Le Roi Des Gothiques 02:58
13. You Pay You Play (Forest Gun remix by Gunmaker) 04:01

total time: 50:12

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Previous STPR albums Das Ist ElektroDark and the band`s old album „Priceless” are still available via our web-shop under Stupre menu-point 

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