Miseria Ultima - Graygarden
Date: Tuesday, November 26 @ 20:07:46 CET
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Finnish dark-electro duo Miseria Ultima is back with a full-lenght new album „Graygarden” after 2 years of silence. New material follows to 2017's highly-acclaimed debut-album "Phosphor", also released under Advoxya logo.
Excerpts from Peek-A-Boo review on Phosphor done by Jurgen Braeckevel:
The Finnish Miseria Ultima has certainly delivered a nice piece of work with this first full album, varied and far from monotonous. They might not really be in a segment of the electro genre that everyone is fond off, but its not their fault if so. Phosphor became a great album everybody should listen too!
Graygarden brings to the band new followers and fans.
Let the band speaks: "Graygarden is about denial of mortality. A haven, where a person is a kept imprisoned, an illusion of that, everything is eternal. Fighting against nature and inevitable loss."

Miseria Ultima „Graygarden” new album CD 2019
price: 10 EUR / 2500 HUF / 500 RUB
catalogue-number: ad-hun-146-cd
packaging: transparent jewel case.
release-date: 04.12.2019
1. Stone In The Sky
2. Remote Warning
3. Bayonet Of Her Arms
4. Insolence
5. Circuit In The Scars
6. Future Imperfect
7. Let Down
8. Inhale The Fire
9. Allegiance
10. Temple Behind The Shades

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