Hungarian Synthpop Allstars - volume 1
Date: Friday, March 13 @ 22:28:46 CET
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The album collected the all most good and currently active Hungarian synthpop artists to date. The idea of compilation (-series) started on Facebook page of "Hungarian Synthpop Allstars" community and purpose of release is to represent to outboard listeners how powerful and multicolor synthpop in Hungary still being. Advoxya label was glad to provide its support and brings this CD out in physical formate.

This compilation features 19 tracks from different 19 bands. All bands gave to label EXCLUSIVE tracks or remixes, never published before. Some of them are well-known already for foreign ears of synthpop as Plazmabeat (exclusive track), Apsü (exclusive track – singing in hungarian!), Gunmaker (remix), but many of them will present to large audience their material very first time, and also important point that few bands have just started writing music again after a long collapse because of result of this compilation.

Few nice collaborations and project got the place here – IAN is the project of Cipree (well-known composer and former member of disbanded Impact Pulse / Nothing Nada). Ed.ruspa is reversed, as band told they changed the name because the track Souldown is maybe sounds unusually for fans.

Name of other bands could be unknown for the wide audience, BUT we strongly hope that this release will give them a good impact to continue music activity. From my side i only can recommend catch this CD because its a real BEST of the BEST hungarian current synthpop stuff.

The Hungarian synthpop scene has a hard times now as all independent artists in nowdays, but the enthusiasm of the audience is still unbroken. The purpose of the this CD also is to start a series (we hope so) with this compilation, and spreading world-wide the best notes of hungarian synthpop scene.


Az album a magyar szintipop eloadokat gyujtotte ossze. A valogatas otlete a „Hungarian Synthpop Allstars” Facebook csoport kozos osszefogasaval indult, itt szuletett meg ennek az otlete.
Az albumon 19 eloado szerepel. Paran mar rutinos eloadonak szamĂ­tanak, de sokaknak ez lesz elso hivatalos kiadvanya, de olyan is van koztuk, akik most kezdtek el ujra a zenelest, e lemez hatasara.
A magyar szintipop regota nem aktiv, de a kozonseg lelkesedese toretlen. A lemez producereinek celja, ha ezzel a valogatassal elindulhatna egy sorozat, amelyben evrol evre ujabb dalok szuletnenek es ez professzionalis formaban jutna el a kozonseg fele.

We also glad to inform that one of the band from this compilation has been recorded official video on track „Elj, amig letezel” – so, its a somekind of premier.

Hungarian Synthpop Allstars - volume 1

catalogue numer: AD-HUN-100-CD
packaging: transparent jewel-case placed in super-carton jacket.
release date: 31.03.2020.


01. 8bit: Acelfalak 3:08.
02. Analog Puzzles: Hol a Hatar? 4:56
03. PopFilter: Engedd El 2:56
04. Plazmabeat: Matol Holtomiglan 4:11 
05. Ian: Idegen Tajakon 3:54
06. Clayfeet: Uneven 4:12
07. Apsurde: Erdonk 4:40
08. Syntax Error: Elj, amig letezel 5:09
09. Gunmaker: Let Me Out / HSA remix 3:23
10. iON Projekt: Korulolel 3:28
11. Ed Ruspa: Souldown 3:23
12. Pixelplants: Tsunami Lips 3:57
13. Flow: A hidon tul 3:43
14. LED: Beautiful 3:24
15. Ugynokseg: Tanu 3:49
16. DeWolf: Stronger / Nu Disco remix 4:10
17. Muller: Almomban 4:07
18. Avantgarden: Te tetted ezt, ember 4:28
19. B Machina & Ian: Nelkulunk 5:03

total time: 76:01

2020 production Advoxya Records, copyright Advoxya Records & respective bands  


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