Larva - Desolation Road
Date: Friday, May 01 @ 22:16:00 CEST
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And again, Larva is back in 2020 too with a new great album named „Desolation Road” (CD and LP editions).
Desolation Road is exactly one of the albums that were really expected to release this year, because Larva has outstanding meaning for Advoxya label. The band has a huge fan-base in dark-electro scene, and that is happens finally – release is out now!
Desolation Road still have all details that made the band well-known today – catching melodies, dark lyrics and harsch synths, but also the band represents here its moving ahead to more lyrically-sensed direction with catchy music arrangements, keeping the listeners in deep and dark atmosphere.
Album is opens with middle-tempo intro track „Burbuja de cristal” which following by rapid „Sunk in shit” and atmospheric slow-tempo „Invisible”. And these the madness doesnot stop until the end of album – fast danceable tracks as Falsa realidad, El decorado de mi fracaso, Pay the price, Sólo soy un recuerdo, Nothing will be the same, Tan alto, Hate state mixing with the middle-tempo melodic traditional Larva-style compositions as Nada perdura, To lose, and Teniéndolo todo. 
Dark melodies build this sound sculpture, yet anotherone brick in Larva massive discography.

Larva „Desolation Road” CD 2020
10 EUR /3.000 HUF / 500 RUB
packaging: digipack with transparent tray
catalogue number: ad-hun151-cd
release date: 04.05.2020

1. Burbuja de cristal 4:57
2. Sunk in shit 4:43
3. Invisible 4:14
4. Falsa realidad 5:12
5. El decorado de mi fracaso 3:55
6. Pay the price 5:24
7. Nada perdura 4:44
8. To lose 3:52
9. Sólo soy un recuerdo 4:28
10. Nothing will be the same 4:04
11. Tan alto 5:26
12. Hate state 3:40
13. Teniéndolo todo 5:33

running time: 60:12
p+c 2020 Advoxya Records, all rights reserved

Larva „Desolation Road” VINYL 2020
15 EUR /4.500 HUF / 800 RUB
packaging: black vinyl with inner sleeve and cover
catalogue number: ad-hun151-lp
release date: 25.05.2020
* all tracks are cutted, so all of them so-called „vinyl edition”

side A:
1. Burbuja de cristal 3:47
2. Hate state 2:54
3. Falsa realidad 4:03
4. Teniéndolo todo 4:26
5. Pay the price 4:23
6. El decorado de mi fracaso 2:56

side B:
7. Sunk in shit 3:48
8. Tan alto 4:15
9. Nada perdura 3:47
10. Nothing will be the same 3:13
11. Sólo soy un recuerdo 3:50
12. Invisible 4:14

running time: 44:49
p+c 2020 Advoxya Records, all rights reserved

Tracks on LP version were cutted to fit the duration of vinyl, so basically here are 2 different versions of release.

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